They opened the world's largest quick-service restaurant kitchen in Mina as a seasonal restaurant to serve pilgrims during Hajj in 2006 It is Saudi Arabia's largest restaurant chain
Albaik currently has trade name in 80 countries The rate is around 12 riyals


The company expanded to Medina in 2001.

طريقة بروست البيك والثومية بمكونات سهلة وسريعة ألذ من المطاعم بالمنزل
Recently, Albaik started expanding further into the central region of Saudi Arabia with two branches opened in , and planning to open in and further branches planned for the city, in addition to other main cities in
The restaurant was located on Old Airport Road in
منيو البيك... من هو مؤسس مطاعم منيو البيك؟
They opened their first branches in and in the year 2016 and 2018 respectively
The first Albaik restaurant was opened in Mecca in 1990 Albaik popularized chicken in the fast-food industry, especially in the Muslim world, since it sells permissble food
Products The 18 secret herbs and spices recipe was first developed in 1984 Albaik was also introduced in Saudi Arabia's South Province, in the city of in 2016

منيو مطعم البيك (الأسعار+ المنيو+ الموقع)

As of 2019, Albaik is constructing its new branch in Al Baha.

منيو مطعم البيك مع ذكر الاسعار 2021
Seafood was first included on the menu with the introduction of the jumbo in 1995 and the value shrimp in the following year
مطعم البيك الرياض (جميع الفروع والمنيو مع الاسعار) كافيهات و مطاعم الرياض
A 30,000 m 2 320,000 sq ft food processing company was inaugurated for Aquat Food Industries - a sister company of Albaik and the main producer and supplier of its menu in 2000, effectively boosting their sales
مطعم البيك ALBAIK الدمام ( الاسعار + المنيو +الموقع )
In 2013, they opened their first express restaurant at a Sasco Petrol station on the highway road from Medina to Jeddah
In 2019, they opened three branches in , , with the main one located in and the other two in the Abdullah Fuad and Al Manar districts Albaik then began expansion by building three seasonal locations in in 1998 and served pilgrims during
Their first restaurant out of Hejaz was in , in 2015, expanding their customer's range Albaik currently has over 120 locations

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The same year, they opened a location in Yanbu City.

مطعم البيك ALBAIK الدمام ( الاسعار + المنيو +الموقع )
The restaurant was located on Old Airport Road in Jeddah
أسعار البيك
History In September 1974, a Saudi entrepreneur Shakour Abu Ghazalah, renovated an old he was renting into Saudi Arabia's first pressure fried chicken restaurant and later opened it
منيو مطعم البيك مع ذكر الاسعار 2021
In December 2020, Albaik opened two branches in Bahrain, marking the first time the chain expanded outside of Saudi Arabia