First performance: Academy of Music, Philadelphia, 4 May 1864, conducted by
for the 1996 Disney film• , a 1997 television film starring as Quasimodo, as Esmeralda, and as Frollo is slated to not only play the title character but also to direct and produce music for a modern retelling to be broadcast on , a 1923 silent film starring as Quasimodo, directed by , and produced by and• It re-sets the action to 1954 at the beginning of the French Algerian conflict

أحدب نوتردام (فيلم 1996)

In 1997, an adaptation for the stage by Nicholas DeBaubien opened in Paris.

فيلم كرتون أحدب نوتردام مدبلج
After a production at the in London it was published by Ltd in 1997 and has received several UK productions as well as productions in New Zealand and Australia
أزميرالدا أحدب نوتردام, أحدب نوتردام
First performed at in London
اسماء اميرات ديزني , بطلات افلام ديزني المشهورين
, a 1996 recording of music written by singer for his musical adaptation of the novel• In 1978, an adaptation by Robert Hossein opened in Paris
starred in an hour-long adaptation broadcast on a 1946 episode of Your Playhouse of Favorites , a sequel of the 1996 Disney movie
, opera by 1836 , libretto by In 1993, a dramatic sung-through musical with book and lyrics by Gary Sullivan and music by John Trent Wallace

أزميرالدا أحدب نوتردام, أحدب نوتردام

In 2010 it was re-written as a conventional musical, with the new title Notre Dame.

اسماء اميرات ديزني بالعربي
, a 1956 French film starring as Quasimodo and as Esmeralda, directed by , and produced by and• , a 1996 animated series• VHS Credits : Netflix Credits : Transcription : Character's Name
أزميرالدا ديزني مدبلج
An by based on the novel
أحدب نوتردام (فيلم 1996)
Esmeralda, opera by 1847 based on the novel
in 2 parts on 30 November and 7 December 2008, with deaf actor playing Quasimodo , a 1999 parody film Disney has announced that a live-action version of their 1996 animated film is in development
A re-adaptation of the piece entitled Our Lady of Paris, with music and lyrics by David Levinson and book by Stacey Weingarten, was produced in a reading format in Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and

قصة احدب نوتردام للأطفال

The Secret of the Hunchback, an animated film• In 2010, an adaptation by was staged at The Pleasance as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

أزميرالدا أحدب نوتردام, أحدب نوتردام
In 2012, an adaptation by was staged in Selby Abbey
أزميرالدا ديزني مدبلج
قصة احدب نوتردام للأطفال
1844 — choreography by , music by